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We Provide customized and tailormade marketing and sales services. Market investigation, Market Development but also Business Development, Sales and account management are services we provide on a global level. Curious how we do it?

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About Me

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Sales and Service Professional who is driven to achieve the goals. I love to work with different people in different markets as they give me the opportunity to keep learning, which is essential for being successful.
• A team player who recognizes that with
a good working team, 1+1 will be always more then 2.
• Open minded so that you receive a lot of positive input
which you can use to be successful
• Finally but may be most important, focused, determined
and persistent in achieving the goals.


Why I  Business

I am enjoying working with people and communication. The more differentiation the better and therefore I’d like to work in the countries and regions. This experience satisfies me each time and makes me stronger and more experienced. Nothing brings me more satisfaction as a satisfied customer. Every satisfied customer encouraged me to work harder on the next solution.

Why I only  go for the best results

I am always trying to get the best out of your business and connect people. Together focus on the next step to create bigger results for the future. It takes a lot of discipline and solidarity to get there but final I get the best results out of your company.

My Favourite Work

Solution Selling, supporting companies and providing a solution for their challenges. It doesn’t matter if this is in the food processing industry, the IT industry or the service industry, as long if I feel passion for the product of services, I’d like to work with it and this is essential for achieving the pre defined goals.


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  • Key for being successful in sales is passion and persistency.

    — Herman IJsseldijk, director Windmill Global Services —
  • To deserve a satisfied customer you have to manage the expectations.

    — Herman IJsseldijk, director Windmill Global Services —


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